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SensyPAM first exposure

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

The work shop

Nov-1 and Nov-2, 2017, Wednesday-Thursday. The PhenoEdit2017 workshop was organized by the Volcani Center. The workshop’s focus is was on phenomics and genomics of plant adaptation to changing environments. Top researchers from all around the world presented their researcher’s progress. Works about examining the relevant adaptive traits and principles governing plant phenotype and adaptation were presented.  It was described how advanced tools and processes such as phenomics and genome editing could be utilized of on genetic variation governing these to facilitate and accelerate breeding. The SensyPAM tool was presented as one of the breakthrough equipment designed to support closure an on existing gaps between innovations and real life requirements in plant breeding and biotechnology. The workshop bring gathered together Israeli scientists and world leaders in the fields of plant genome editing and phenomics, as well as speakers from biotech and engineering companies.

SensyTIV presented the innovative approach of the SensyPAM tool on advances in high throughput automated circadian rhythm tracking using robotics and image processing for Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) analysis.

The SensyPAM machine was envisioned to provide high throughput phenomics and genomics related plant factors measurement precisely and adaptively with the research objectives. The image analysis enables the tracking of plant phenomics like circadian clock and it's adaptation to changing environments during long repetitive measurement over days and nights. Advanced algorithms were developed to recognize specific location on a leaf to be tracked, measured, analyzed and classified. Results were displayed together with other points on a shared graph, throughout the growth process creating high value output files with minimal researcher’s intervention.

During the workshop, researchers were exposed to the SensyPAM machine in the Dr. Fridman's lab and got an outlooks towards the research plans.

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